Benefits of Probiotics for Kids


When my first born baby boy was only 14 months old we welcomed our second son into the world. My oldest had gotten through his first year illness-free. My second didn’t fare so well. Once this little baby was two months old I started inviting my older son’s playmates over for play dates. It was, of course, winter and cold and flu season was in full swing. My poor little guy was getting one runny nose after another and at three months old he had his first ear infection. Over the the next 2 years we’ve found that he’s prone to ear infections, averaging 5-6 per season, which means he’s been on one antibiotic after another. He’s handled most of the prescriptions pretty well, but there have been a few instances in which my husband and I would bribe and beg each other to change his diaper during these periods! My pediatrician recommended Culturelle for Kids, containing Lactobaccillus GG, and said she’s found many of her patients benefit from using this probiotic for kids.

Culturelle for Kids is a flavorless powder which is packaged in individual packets and can be mixed with cool food or drink. My son was drinking milk several times a day so it was easy to empty one packet a day into his milk without any suspicion on his part. We were very happy with the results. I’ve even recommended Culturelle to friends. One of my girlfriends had a bad situation at home with her daughter’s digestive health. She wasn’t able to get to the pharmacy so I put together a few packets of the Culturelle probiotic for her and dropped them at her house. She now also keeps a box at home in her medicine cabinet.

In addition to aiding with your child’s “tummy troubles”, Culturelle for Kids also helps support your child’s natural defense systems. You can find Culturelle for Kids at your local drug store or pharmacy. You can connect with Culturelle on Facebook to stay in the loop on their current promotions.

Disclosure: I am not a authorized to diagnose, treat, or give advice on illness. I am speaking from my personal experience and opinions are my own.

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  1. I’ll definitely be getting this for my daughter.

  2. Probiotics are so important for your health! I’m so glad this worked for your son.

  3. I just started taking these and introduced my 21 year old daughter to them!

  4. I started taking probiotics earlier this year and am getting my daughter to take them too!

  5. Hubs just started a probiotic. Sweet T and I need to too.

  6. I love taking probiotics but haven’t found one for my daughter. I had no idea that Culturelle made ones for kids

  7. Z used to need those all the tiem

  8. I would if these would help Jake and his allergies.

  9. I’m going to look into these!

  10. These sounds great!

  11. I totally believe in Probiotics.

  12. We still use Culterelle in our house.

  13. I couldn’t function without probiotics and I (personally) have to use children’s dosages.

  14. my kids don’t take chewables too well or liquid for that matter. Although the benefits would be nice