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Just a few more  pounds to go to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight, and just a few pounds after that to get to my goal weight. It doesn’t seem like much, but when the scale isn’t budging then an intervention may be in order! I’ve joined a gym, cut back on the calories, and try to keep myself active. The problem is that lately, I feel that I don’t have time for anything. My tot is in school and dance class, so I’m constantly on the go- which means meals are on the go too.

Dieting while eating on the go is a hard concept. Actually, it’s more of a hassle than anything else! I just wish someone would pack my meals for me to take the guesswork out of portions. Also, I don’t want food loaded with chemicals and salt. I’m breastfeeding my baby, so I need a HEALTHY diet. This is the problem with so many diet foods these days. They are loaded with preservatives and chemicals that I just don’t want in my body.

ingredients in diet to go


Someone somewhere heard me and came up with Diet-to-Go, an easy to follow diet delivery service. With three meals plan options and a great selection of foods, there is something for everyone to enjoy while losing weight. You have the option of Low Carb, Vegetarian, and Low Fat meals which are prepackaged. They are frozen, heat and eat style meals, which means they don’t have preservatives to keep them shelf-stable for an extended amount of time. Each meal comes individually sealed so all you have to do is open  up the contents and heat up your food. All the meals are fresh and MUST be refrigerated or placed in the freezer.

Diet-to-Go is a great diet delivery system that takes the guesswork out of portions. I decided to try out the vegetarian menu because I’ve been trying to cut out some meats and I was very pleased with my food options. For breakfast on Day 1 I had blueberry pancakes with vegetarian sausage. Lunch consisted of delicious hummus and pita bread, and dinner was stuffed shells. These are just a few of the choices you have while on this delicious diet!

blueberry pancakes

blueberry pancakes

Hummus and Pita

Think this is the diet for you? You can take advantage of a great offer with this Diet-to-Go coupon: get 25% off any meal plan  coupon code 25percentoff. Right now, Diet-to-Go is giving away a free week of meals! Check out Diet-to-Go on Facebook to find out more information! You can also connect with Diet-to-Go on Twitter for their latest news!


Disclosure: I have participated in a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ All my opinions are my own.

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  1. Sounds awesome.

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