Give Your Kids A Special Message From Santa

My daughter is the luckiest toddler in the world, because her mommy knows Santa so well, he decided to make a personal video just for her! Yes, that’s right… we know the big man. I’ll let you in on my little secret: Portable North Pole. This is where I created a personalized video message with information that only Santa would know, such as her having a new little sister, and the nasty bottle habit we have been trying to break. The icing on the cake was when Santa pulled out a book from his naughty/nice list of all the children in the world and her name was on it. She squealed when she recognized her name, and to top it off, there was even a picture of her on the book!

It turns out, my tot is on the naughty AND nice list, so Santa decided she will still get a present this year, but asked her to work a little harder on expressing herself without having tantrums. If I didn’t see the end result myself, I would never have believe that my daughter would have actually understood and changed her demeanor. What’s even better, she gave up her baby bottle already and is on to a sippy cup (baby steps, right?)

I love that the Portable North Pole has something for all ages. I think a video is perfect for younger children, while a letter from Santa is great for older children who can read. There is even an option for a personalized phone call. With everything digitalized now, children can really appreciate a video from the man in red. The video took about 5 minutes to make, as I plugged in our information and images. Once I submitted our information, our video was set to go in less than 10 minutes.

My toddler loves watching her video over and over, and is still amazed at Santa knowing so much about her. I think the Portable North Pole is a great resource to keep the magic in Christmas! You can check out all the different packages they offer by visiting Portable North Pole.

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  1. I did this for my daughter last year and she thought it was so cool