Hot Holiday Gifts: VTech InnoTab 2S

I’ve fallen into one of the many traps of parenthood: I bought my kids toys that resembled mine, such as a toy cell phone and a play  laptop. Turns out, my kids are smarter than me, because they know the difference. My infant doesn’t like her knockoff iPhone that lights up and plays music, and my toddler wants a real “puputer” (her absolutely adorable term for computer.) Every since the children’s channels started advertising games on for tablets with friendly characters, my toddler has been asking for a tablet. Umm.. that’s not happening.. and I know some children’s toys that resemble tablets will not do it for her.

Here’s where the Innotab 2S comes in.  It is a child-friendly tablet with the same friendly characters for a fraction of the price! The games are highly educational, and I know I can keep my child safe from the internet. We’ve had another similar toy tablet in the past, and my biggest issue with it was that I couldn’t download games without plugging it in to  my computer. The Innotab 2S features a safe WiFi connection, where you have access to downloading games without the worry of your child browsing the internet. Don’t worry- your child can’t make purchases or download apps without you. You still have to login to the Learning Lodge Navigator to order the apps first, then you can connect to the secure WiFi connection on the Innotab 2S and upload the games. This is my favorite feature! No more wires to worry about (although you do have to connect it to your computer once to set up these features.

My toddler’s favorite feature is the camera with the silly faces. I wish the camera came with some kind of flash, because there has to be a lot of light for the photos to show. I usually have her sit in the dining room when she is playing so that she has plenty of light for her images to look their best. She also loves creating videos of her baby sister with the VTech Innotab 2S.

Some more awesome apps on the InnoTab 2S are:

  • Wish List Maker
  • Camera
  • Video recorder
  • MP3 player
  • Photo viewer with slide show, 3 photos included
  • Video player, 1 demo video included
  • InnoTab® 2S Read, Play & Create cartridge
    • “What’s That Noise?” e-book
    • Alien Rescue – motion sensor game
    • Color & Pop activity
  • “Face Race” motion sensor game
  • “Friends” photo address book
  • “Notes” notepad with onscreen keyboard
  • Clock with stopwatch
  • Calendar with stickers
  • Calculator
  • 2 free downloadable apps of choice from Learning Lodge Navigator®
The wide variety of apps make the InnoTab 2S a great learning toy for a variety of ages, from 3-9. You can keep track of your child’s progress on the desktop program that you download onto your computer. The VTech InnoTab 2S comes in two colors, blue or pink, and can be purchased at various retailers, including Amazon. There are a lot of game cartridges, and accessories that can be purchased as well. I recommend the VTech power adapter, it saves on batteries when you are home or at a location where your child can plug in the InnoTab.


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech and received a VTech InnoTab 2S to facilitate my review.

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  1. That is one awesome little gadget!

  2. I love that they’re making it easy for kids to learn tablets. After all, they’re the next phase in technology!

  3. I really love the VTech brand. 🙂

  4. I really want to get this for my son!

  5. Unfortunately even though we have one of these my daughter prefers the iPod Touch.

  6. looks fun!!

  7. Looks like a lot of fun!

  8. This must be something big for the holidays, because they were all sold at Walmart! 🙂

  9. We have the original InnoTab but I love the advancements they made with this model.

  10. My youngest has this and loves it to death.

  11. We had fun playing with ours this weekend. I want to download more games and apps.

  12. This looks like a prefect gift for little ones!

  13. We are loving this too!!