DIY Valentines Crafts With Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Valentines Crafts

My toddler is such a girlie girl. She loves anything pink and red, and if it has hearts, well, that’s an added bonus! This is the first Valentine’s Day  that she will be able to understand and enjoy, as well as decorate her own cards to take to her classmates and give to family members. Since she only goes to school twice a week, we do a lot of crafts at home on the days she isn’t at school and when it is too cold to go out. I love watching her creativity flow and her excitement when she creates something special for the people she loves.

When we received the latest DIY Valentines crafts from the Martha Stewart collection, my toddler immediately wanted to get started and create a craft for her father. The Stamp Card and Envelope Set includes 18 note cards and envelopes with stickers that can be placed on the card, on the envelope, or both. I love that the set contains enough cards for her to make a whole class set of valentines, and even have enough left over for her teachers and father.  The Valentine Cupid and Valentine Cupcake stickers were her favorite, but that’s because she is a sticker fiend! Her favorite stickers were the 3D cupcakes that she used to seal her envelopes. The Wood Stamp Valentine’s Day Hearts is a set of 12 mini stamps in a wooden box that can be used on any project. They don’t come with ink, so be sure to pick some up when you purchase this whimsical stamp set.

Martha Stewart Valentines Crafts-001 Martha Stewart Valentines Crafts-002 Martha Stewart Valentines Crafts-003 Love what you see and want to get started on fun Valentine’s Day crafts? From now until Valentine’s Day, you can receive 20% off your order at MarthaStewartCrafts by using code BLOG20 at checkout. These fun DIY crafts from Martha Stewart are great for children and adults who love adding their personal touch to everything they do!


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  1. So sweet.

    Martha Stewart intimidates me though. I need to try more crafty stuff around here.

  2. This would be fun to do!

  3. Great ideas!

  4. I absolutely adore the Martha Stewart craft line! So cute!

  5. cute and with a discount!

  6. What great ideas!

  7. These are cute. But thats everything she touches!

  8. I love the little bingo looking cards! that’s so cute!

  9. How fun! My son and I both enjoy crafting.

  10. What fun ideas! We need to start getting crafty on Valentine’s Day stuff this weekend.

  11. Love this!

  12. I just love Martha Stewart! She has the cutest holiday themed crafts!

  13. what a great crafty idea. I would probably only buy these for friends and family members though, not the kids in my daughter’s class since they are more expensive than other Valentines

  14. Martha Stewart has the cutest crafts!

  15. Great idea! Martha Stewart is great.

  16. Such an adorable set up.

  17. So fun! I love handmade valentines.

  18. What a cute product line. Martha Stewart has been coming out with some really great products.

  19. These are really fun ideas.

  20. super cute for valentine’s day.

  21. Super cute and fun!

  22. Cute, fun, and great ideas.

  23. I love Martha Stewart crafts!

  24. How cute! I’ll be making homemade cards this year with the kids.

  25. I love the style of Martha Stewart products and didn’t know she made crafts.

  26. Aren’t those the absolute cutest? I just love them!

  27. looks like those little fingers loved decorating cards