Do You Travel Light?

baggelini enchant-009

Mama’s got a brand new bag! And no, it isn’t a diaper bag. But, I will admit that I use it as one. My hubby complains that I have too many bags, but I need them. All.of.them. Sometimes I need a big bag and sometimes I don’t. A girl has to have options! My latest bag is the Baggallini Enchant and I’m so in love! I try to pack light when we go out because it is generally hard to juggle a baby, a toddler, and a bag of infant necessities. A backpack is ideal, but a bag with optional ways to hold it is best.

Baggallini is a company that keeps YOU in mind. They started in 1955 with the idea that women want to stay stylish while also being organized. The Enchant by Baggallini is a nylon back-pack style bag that features many compartments, even a padded area for a tablet! Since I still have to carry diapers and wipes everywhere I go, this compartment is currently used for toting them.  I love that the bag has many mini-compartments where I can keep my keys, hand sanitizer, and cell phone for easy access. These are the things that often get lost in the abyss of a large diaper bag. If you’ve had bags that don’t completely close on top, then you may have experienced the “overflow” or the dreaded bag falling over and having your belongings spill out. I love that this bag not only has a zipper to close it on top, but it also has a flap on top that covers the zipper. So you have double protection from things falling out of your bag.

baggelini enchant-012

The strap is removable so you can change it to a handbag, across the shoulder, or backpack!

baggelini enchant-010

The Enchant bag comes with a smaller matching coin purse which is where I generally keep my smaller camera.

baggelini enchant-013

Roomy compartments to fit your credit cards, keys, money, and more!

baggelini enchant-014 baggelini enchant-016

baggelini enchant-015

In my Enchant by Baggallini Bag: wallet, boogie wipes, my “active” camera, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, pacifier case, change of baby clothes, and a receiving blanket.

The Enchant is not big enough to hold my DSLR camera, but when I am travelling light, I generally do not bring it with me. This is my “go” bag. All my necessities are in here so if I need to quickly leave the house for a doctor’s appointment, trip to the park, or even dropping off my toddler to school, this bag is all I need! You can check out other bags at Baggallini, plus connect with them on Facebook, and Twitter.

Right now, Baggallini has an awesome contest going on where you can win 3 of their awesome bags, or even better, a Grand Prize of Baggallini bags for a year! Head over to Baggallini for more info and details on entering this amazing contest!

You can purchase the Enchant at Baggallini, Amazon, eBags, and other retailers.


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  1. I love the looks of this beautiful!

  2. Very cool! I love the pink inside!

  3. That is really cute!

  4. This is such a gorgeous bag! I love new travel bags!

  5. I want that bag!

  6. I totally travel light if possible, and thanks for the contest ifno!

  7. It looks like it’s a good sized bag.

  8. Cute bag!

  9. That is a pretty dang sharp bag.

  10. Wow that holds a lot!

  11. That is a very CUTE bag. I wish I traveled light.

  12. What a perfect bag for light traveling.

  13. Adorable bag. I normally have just a small purse with me now that the boys are older.

  14. That is really nice!

  15. love the bag!

  16. That’s very cute and no I do not travel light.

  17. What a cute bag. I agree with Toni when I say I do not travel light either!

  18. that’s such a cute bag. I haven’t made the switch from purse to backpack yet but I probably should :/

  19. It looks like leather at first.

  20. What a cute bag.

  21. I need a bag that can carry my dslr at all times. I love having it with me.

  22. I seem to stuff everything in my purse the bigger my purse gets the more i pack

  23. that is adorable, but I am trying to seriously down size. My back is killing me

  24. How pretty! I like that it’s not huge… I have downsized my bags. Seriously no need in carrying so much stuff. 🙂