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When my oldest was a few months old I visited a friend who had a slightly older son. I think he was a toddler at the time. The one thing I noticed was the back of his hair was super long with blond curls, but I felt it didn’t really match the rest of his head. I think he had just never gotten a hair cut and the back was his original baby hair. Everyone has their own opinion but I thought this kid’s hair was out of control. His mom told me that she just loves the curls so much she couldn’t cut them off. I though he looked crazy.

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When my son was sporting the long locks in the back I decided to cut them just enough so that he still had that cute baby look but they weren’t down his back. That was the start of my career as mommy hairdresser. When my boys were young I cut their hair very infrequently just to even off the uneven growth leftover from their baby days. And as they aged I adjusted my haircuts. My oldest looks good with a shaggy cut and he has a super thick head of hair. So, I found a hair cutting guide in one of the parenting magazines I receive, and my mom bought me a nice pair of child proof hair cutting scissors. I was good to go.

When my younger son was about 18 months old his hair was getting long and he was starting to look a little crazy. He was also round like a meatball and the long shaggy look just made him look like a sloppy teenager to me. I decided he needed something shorter and sleek… I gave him a mohawk. But a rock and roll mohawk, with a little length on top. He rocked it. After some time he even would tell me in the morning if I forgot to put in gel!


Now my boys are 4 years-old and 3 years-old. When the weather is warm enough I sit them in a chair outside and I take a large garbage bag to drape around them like in the salon. I use some of my hair clips to section their hair and get to work. I’m hardly a professional but I think they look ok. But then again I don’t know if the other moms are preschool are thinking that my kids have ridiculous hairdos. Either way I think they look ok and I save a ton of money in hairdressing expenses! Well just have to see if I can handle a girls cut when my baldy baby grows some locks of her own.

Does anyone else out their cut their own kids hair?




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  1. Nope, I cut my children’s hair as well.

  2. I used to cut Jake’s hair, but that was when he wanted it shaved all one length.

  3. You did a great job. I am only brave enough to cut my boys’ hair in the summer when I can just buzz it short if I mess up.

  4. No way. With my sons curly hair, I am worried I would mess it up!

  5. My son won’t even let me near his hair, so I just have my husband do it.

  6. I would never risk cutting my kids hair especially since my best friend is a hair dresser. Although I have thought of going to school to learn the tools of the trade.

    As long as you think it looks okay nothing else should matter.

  7. I did my son’s first hair cut… it was so bad he ended with a buzz. and LOTS of crying, and a fear of getting his hair cut… never again.

  8. My son gets so anxious over haircuts that we have to do his hair at home. My fiancee cuts it & does a wonderful job! He has training from watching other people cut HIS hair, so he is better at it than I am.

  9. I chop away at my own, but it’s not always pretty, lol…so I don’t touch the kids’ hair.

  10. I cut my husband’s and will cut my son’s once it’s long enough.

  11. Laura Jacobson says:

    I do cut my own from time to time, but I would be afraid to do the kids! You did great! I have a picture of me when I was little…my dad cut my bangs…they were all crooked! I was little and dont remember but they have pictures! haha Oh such memories!

  12. I cut my own hair, but only give my son a trim when I can get him into the hairdressers. You do an awesome job!

  13. I cut all three of my children’s hair but since I am technically a licensed cosmetologist, I shouldn’t really count. It looks like you did a great job!

  14. He is so handsome 🙂 I tried cutting my sons’ hair….I ALWAYS did a bad job.

  15. You did a great job. I do not trust myself to do my kids hair LOL