New Mom at the Birthday Party


One thing I’ve always loved about going to birthday parties with my kids was seeing friends, husbands, and siblings. I have a group of friends I had known since my oldest was 9 months old, and a newer group with the Preschool my boys had been attending for 2 years. It was fun. I always looked forward to parties.

Now I’m in a new neighborhood and a my kids are in a new school. Yes, I’ve met some people, had a few play dates, but I still don’t have a network yet. And then I picked up the kids from school one day and my 4 year-old had….not one, but two birthday invitations for the same weekend. Now, most people would peg me for a social butterfly, which I definitively can be, but walking into a birthday party and not knowing anyone was terrifying me a little. I thought that I should prepare. First step….figure out who the birthday boy is. One day I went for pick up and there weren’t any other moms around so I saw an opportunity not to embarrass myself. I asked the teacher who he was but the kid wasn’t even there that day! So, I’d have to wing it.

But then I underestimated the travel time to the bowling alley. Yes, I said bowling alley. A bunch of 4 and 5 year-olds bowling. And I wouldn’t know anyone. I would have sent my husband but I wanted to make friends. So, I walked in 10 minutes late. Disaster. The woman who worked there wouldn’t make eye contact so I didn’t know if the party was to the right or left. And how embarrassing to not be able to figure it out on my own! Then my son recognized a boy. Thank God! And another latecomer walked in after me. A good opportunity. I introduced myself and we got our boys set up at the same lane to bowl. I still had no idea whose party it was….then I spotted the party hat that said “Birthday Boy”. Phew!

Unfortunately I had a harder time making friends than I had hoped, and my son had a lost look on his face for a while. Ordinarily I would pair him up with some friends to help him warm up but I didn’t even know who his friends were. It was a sad moment for me as a mom. But as the party went on things got a little better. I introduced myself to a few people but didn’t really click with anyone. I was missing my friends a little. And I have to do this all over again tomorrow. But the mom who walked in right after me will be there so I’ll be walking into that one with a bit more confidence.

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  1. Oh no! I bad at making friends like that too. Good luck!

  2. I try to befriend the moms of my son’s friends…I want him to be happy 🙂

  3. That must have been hard for you!! At least you tried though. I always try and go out of my way and make everyone feel comfortable when throwing a birthday party for my kids. I know how awkard it can be not knowing anyone.

  4. It’s hard putting yourself out there to people but worth it eventually! 🙂

  5. That’s always so awkward and especially when so many of the moms have established friendships already! Sounds like you did pretty well all things considered.

  6. It’s rough starting out in a new neighborhood, but I’m sure you’ll have a “network” soon enough.

  7. It’ll get better. Everyone always has their little group but just try to get there, make small talk, jokes. I’m sure you all will be best friends in no time!

  8. I have a hard time sometimes. I kinda go into a shell and wait for others to talk to me.

  9. Making friends is always hard but I seriously love your attitude.

  10. Aww I am sorry you didn’t click, sounds like me.