Oh, How I Love My Keurig!


My once a day coffee break has turned into a morning and afternoon ritual. I had mostly given up coffee for a few months while I was exclusively breastfeeding my baby, but since she is transitioning to solids and doesn’t have as much milk during the day, I have not only included a morning cup of heaven, but also must indulge in an afternoon pick me up! I love my Keurig! It allows me to have options on what I am drinking throughout the day. Whether I want a strong cup of coffee in the early morning, or a light roast breakfast blend in the afternoon, I have so many more options than I ever had before owning a keurig. Since my hubby rarely drinks hot coffee, a Keurig was a great choice for us.

DSC_6072 There’s only one problem. Or at least for me it’s a problem- there are TOO many options! I often find myself in the k-cup section at Bed Bath and Beyond unsure of which flavor I want to try next, and those are the times I usually walk out with a cart-full of coffee. Last year, I actually tried the newest Barista Prima coffee and loved their variety or Colombia, House Blend, Italian Roast, and French Roast. Since we received a sample pack, we got to try each one and I decided I loved the House Blend, while my hubby preferred the Italian Roast. The Italian Roast is dark roast and perfect for those who love a bold cup of coffee. The coffee is consistent and strong, perfect for your morning cup of coffee.

Now, you can’t own a Keurig without having a little fun with it. There is so  DSC_6070 much more you can do with a Keurig besides making coffee, such as brewing up tea, chai, hot cocoa, and even hot apple cider! Nothing says autumn more than a fresh cup of hot apple cider, and now you can have that fresh apple taste with Green Mountain Naturals. I was a little weary about this k-cup because I initially thought it would be full of chemicals and synthetic flavors, but it turns out the Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider is made with all natural ingredients and contains no preservatives! There is nothing artificial about it- and the flavor reflects that!

You can find both varieties of k-cups online and in stores!


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  1. I love mine too!

  2. Me too! Can’t go a day without it! Hot cocoa, chai tea and apple cider for me!

  3. I want to try that Hot Apple Cider! I need a Kuerig so badly!

  4. we love the hot apple cider and I use mine multiple times daily to make decaf coffee and tea. My husband just said today that he wasn’t sure we would use our Keurig but now he thinks we should have gotten on earlier.

  5. We got one for Christmas and absolutely love it! I like that I can make my half-decaf and my husband can make his 3-4 cups of coffee, and we don’t end up wasting as much. We tried the insert to use your own coffee too, but I have to admit, the k-cup selection is pretty tasty. I like the Newman’s Own as well.

  6. I don’t like coffee but I would love to try the Apple Cider.

  7. that’s the Keurig I have and I cannot live without it. I drink the Cafe Escapes Hot Cocoa almost every single night. It’s an addiction for sure.

  8. I wasn’t a fan…I ended up selling it on ebay. I think I just need a real cup of brewed coffee beans.

  9. I wish I drank coffee or I would have this!

  10. I hear a lot of raving reviews about this brand, but I seldom drink coffee. However, my husband would probably love this!

  11. I love, love, love, my Keurig! I have to try the hot apple cider!

  12. Now that I have a Keurig, I couldn’t imagine my life without one, especially when it comes to having friends or family over for coffee.

  13. heather says:

    I love mine very much but really love that there are options for mky kids also.

  14. Everyone in my family loves the Keurig. Except for my hubby – he thinks it’s a satanic. I just found lemonade for him and hopefully he will change his mind!