Resolution Keeper: Enjoy Iced Coffee With Less Calories! #LightIcedCoffee #CBias

International Delight Light Iced Coffee-004

I know you all made those resolutions: pig out all holiday, then wish it away on January 2! This is what I did, and January 2nd came and went and I still have some pounds to lose. It turns out, you can’t wish yourself lighter, but you can take steps to cut calories and make small choices everyday that can help you meet your goals. One thing I won’t budge on every morning (and afternoon) is my coffee. Not only does it energize me, but I love the taste of a good cup of coffee, even if it is a little rushed in the morning.

A few months ago, I came across International Delight Iced Coffee. Since I was already a huge fan of International Delight creamers, I knew I had to give them a shot. My husband wasn’t optimistic that the flavor would be that great. He’s a coffee-house type of guy, so he scoffed at the label on International Delight Iced Coffee which read “coffeehouse drink.” He didn’t believe that a carton could hold the flavor and depth of the coffee he enjoys almost every morning.

I, on the other hand, knew that International Delight wouldn’t drop the ball on this one. They put every ounce of quality into their creamers, so their Iced Coffee had to be good.  Turns out, they only use 100% Arabica beans and even beat competitor’s drinks by offering 76mg of caffeine per serving. Let’s not forget the price tag. My hubby can spend an easy $6-7 per drink at his favorite coffee house, after standing on line, and trying to remember the exotic names for the sizes and flavors of his drink. International Delight Iced Coffee lives in our fridge, so all we have to do is put ice in a cup, twist a cap, and pour! Plus, a whole carton (8 servings) of International Delight Iced Creamer is CHEAPER than 1 cup of coffee he is used to getting. How’s THAT for savings.

International Delight Light Iced Coffee

After his first sip of mocha iced coffee, he loved it. He prefers it to be blended with some ice, as opposed to just being poured over ice. It’s so much more convenient and cheaper than taking a trip to the local coffeehouse! I didn’t think that International Delight Iced Coffee could get any better or be any more convenient – until I heard they were coming out with a light version! With just 100 calories per serving and all the flavor, I’m in heaven!

International Delight Light Iced Coffee-003

Still the creamy texture and smooth flavor you love, with 1/3 of the calories!

International Delight Light Iced Coffee makes it easy to stick to those calorie-counting resolutions. I promise, you won’t even miss the calories when you try the light version of their coffee house drink. Plus, there is no aftertaste some have come to expect from products that cut the calories by cutting the sugar.

International Delight Light Iced Coffee-001

Just 100 calories!

Whether you need a quick pick me up in the afternoon, or you need your coffee on the go, International Delight Light Iced Coffee will satisfy your tastebuds, and your wallet!

International Delight Light Iced Coffee-005

So easy to take on the go!

You can receive a coupon to try International Delight Iced Coffee, plus be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on their latest flavors and announcements!

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  1. I am so excited that it’s now in a light version. I’m gonna try it blended with ice like you mentioned!

  2. That is great their is a light version!

  3. I like the less calories part. I’ll have to try it.

  4. I totally love International Delights!

  5. Oh hallelujah! I had to stop drinking because of the calories! Now I can drink again!

  6. I am so insanely obsessed with this drink! I’m so glad they came out with a Light version.

  7. Just in time for New Year’s resolutions!

  8. Yay, they listened! When this first came out, I emailed them and asked if they could make a diet version!

  9. Perfect timing on coming out with a light version! I bet there are some happy coffee drinkers.

  10. I am sure that will make a lot of people happy.

  11. I haven’t tried the light version but love the original stuff!

  12. Oh my yum!! Hello 🙂 I love the original so excited to try this!

  13. Since I’m counting calories, it’s nice that they have a light version! Yay!

  14. Yum, yum!

  15. I am LOVING these new light iced coffees, they are so good! We can’t really tell any difference from the original version!

  16. These sound great, I’ll definitely pick up a few this weekend. Thanks!

  17. I am all for the convenience of being able to pour it straight from the carton at home, too. Spending $6 on coffee gives me hives. 😉

  18. International Delight is so good!

  19. Sounds like a great alternative for those who love coffee, but want to lose weight.

  20. Looks yummy.

  21. yippee so awesome they came out with a low cal drink

  22. I have a weakness for heavy cream, calories or not, lol. I know my SIL would love this.

  23. I like the idea of less calories!!

  24. THis looks good. I still haven’t tried it though.

  25. I just threw out my coupons because I thought they were too many calories!! I’m glad they came up with a lighter version..