Toothless Toddler


Teething. The reason why you’re happy baby is suddenly tragically miserable. You wonder…..what could it be? Hungry? In need of a diaper change? Hot? Cold? Overstimulated? Bored? When finally you reach into their gummy mouth and notice the sore red ridges of budding teeth about to break through.

I’ve been through teething twice already. But for some reason my youngest, who is turning 1 tomorrow, is still toothless! I’m not complaining. I love that she’s not constantly putting things in the mouth, or drooling all over my floors, but when are we going to get started with this horrible rite of passage? I fear that she’s going to have them all come in at the same time and she’ll have no idea what’s happening.

My oldest (now 4 years old) had all his teeth come in early. His first tooth came in when he was just six months old. My first instinct was to give him Tylenol and ease the pain, but my pediatrician warned that he’ll be teething for about two years….and I can’t treat him with pain killers for all of the teething he’ll be doing. So, I invested in some teething toys, and a few with water inside that you put in the freezer. But he was really little and wasn’t coordinated enough to use them properly. I tried wetting a wash cloth and freezing it, and giving him bagels to gnaw on. His first tooth was definitely the worst, but he was actually pretty good after that. In fact, when he was 13 months old all four of his molars come in at the same time! And it took a whole month for them all to grow in completely.

My second child had teeth come in much later, closer to his first birthday. Teething was more torturous this time around because he was older. He was napping less when he started teething and seemed to be endlessly cranky and uncomfortable. But he was able to teethe on the teething toys a little easier because he had better motor skills at his age. Most of his teeth came in between 12-18 months. I never tried the teething tablets or other drug store remedies. I’ve heard mixed reviews so I just avoided them.

And now getting back to my little girl with her toothless smile. I’m dreading that first day that she looks at me with her big brown eyes wondering why her mouth hurts. But she’s become a tough little cookie having two older brothers, so fingers crossed it won’t be too bad! Wish me luck.

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  1. My youngest didn’t get teeth for what seemed like forever and he is 7 1/2 and has only lost one so far.

  2. I have no advice. Both my girls started getting their teeth very young – about 4-5 months old. I can only imagine how hard that would be to have teeth come in that late though. Unlike your first son, she’s old enough to crew on teething toys though so that’s a plus

  3. Aww… what a sweet girl!

  4. How cute!!! My daughter didn’t cut teeth until she was almost 18 months!! I was begining to worry she didn’t have any 🙂

  5. Once thing I no longer need to worry about. Good Luck!

  6. My son has so many teeth coming in right now. I’ve been giving him a homeopathic medicine and it works well.