Two Great New Nick Jr. DVD Releases coming in February!

bubble guppies on the job doras butterfly ball

I really don’t like sticking my toddler in front of the TV, but with the weather in NYC being really cold and my limited creativity for craft ideas leave us with some TV time during the day. When she does watch TV, the shows are usually educational and teach her something, such as Bubble Guppies and Dora the Explorer. Nick Jr. has some great educational shows for preschoolers and I know I can leave it on and not have to worry about commercials or inappropriate shows coming on.

You can also bring home popular DVDs for the car or for grandma’s house. Bubble Guppies: On the Job will be available on DVD on February 5th, 2013. You can preorder your copy on Amazon today at a discounted price! Find out more about the new DVD release below:

Bubble Guppies: On The Job! Episode Synopses:
Join Team Guppies to explore bouncing, throwing, catching, and all kinds of ball games as everyone practices and prepares for their big game of Fishketball!
Build Me a Building!
It’s going to be the best doghouse EVER! But before Bubble Puppy can move into his new doggy digs, the Bubble Guppieshave to build it – and learn about construction too.
The Grumpfish Special!
Join the Bubble Guppies at their restaurant as they wait tables, cook food, and serve their most difficult customer yet. Can anything on the menu get Mr. Grumpfish grinning?
Call a Clambulance!
When Oona’s friend Avi breaks a bone in his tail, he needs to visit the doctor. Mr. Grouper helps the Guppies learn that it’s a doctor’s job to make everyone feel better.
Firefighter Gil to the Rescue!
When a fire-breathing dragon threatens to burn down the Bubble Guppies’ royal kingdom, it’s Firefighter Gil and his water-breathing dragon to the rescue!
A Tooth on the Looth!
Deema has a loose tooth, and when it falls out, she’ll get a visit from the Tooth Fairy! Until then, the Bubble Guppies have lots to discover about dentists and healthy smiles.

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Butterfly Ball will be available on DVD February 12, 2013, and you can preorder your copy on Amazon for a discounted price! Find out more about this new release below:

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Butterfly Ball Episode Synopses:
The Butterfly Ball
Dora, Boots, and their friend Mariposa are on their way to fly, twirl and loop-de-loop at the Butterfly Ball! Will you help them make it there in time to get their magical wings?
¡Vamos a Pintar!
Join Dora and Boots on an art-filled adventure! To help their friend finish her mural at the Art Studio, they’ll need your help to travel through some famous paintings!
¡Feliz Día de los Padres!
Join Dora for a Father’s Day adventure! When her present for Papi gets blown away, Dora needs your help to catch up to Little Kite before she flies out over the ocean!

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  1. These look like such cute shows!

  2. Looks like fun!

  3. cute!! thanks for sharing!

  4. These look like a lot of fun!

  5. My girls are gonna love Dora’s Butterfly Ball!

  6. My son loves both of those shows!

  7. My God Daughter loves DORA I bet she’d love the new dvd

  8. My son loves both of those shows, I’ll have to check these out!

  9. Darling, and kids really love that Dora!

  10. My little preschool aged boy is going to really love both of these!