Rolling out the Red Carpet with @Skinnygirl Cocktails!

Oscars 2013 Party-007

I had a much needed girl’s night in this past weekend! Well, it wasn’t the “ideal” girl’s night in because it was a Sunday night and I couldn’t send my hubby and daughters away for too long. Anytime the girls get together there is always good food, good times, and lots of laughs! This time, we were celebrating the Oscars our own way:

We indulged in some yummy flavors of SkinnyGirl Cocktails. Everyone has their favorite- I love the no-brainer Cosmopolitan; no mixer, no mixing, everything you need in one bottle! Just pour over ice and you are ready to go! Another favorite of the evening was the Cucumber flavored Skinnygirl Vodka. At only 100 calories per serving, these drinks make a great girl’s night companion!

Oscars 2013 Party-006

We also made some red-velvet cupcakes to celebrate the red carpet! I’ll be honest: I’m not a red-velvet fan, but these cupcakes were brought by one of the girls and they were delicious! Some people have wine and cheese.. we had Skinnygirl wine and fondue chocolate! Nothing like some wine and chocolate!

Oscars 2013 Party-005

We thought we would do some red carpet extravaganza of our own and dress up, but on a lazy cold Sunday, we all decided to just lounge in our comfy clothes and enjoy the company and the awesome outfits on the red carpet!

No one left empty-handed! Each of my besties received a Skinnygirl cozy to keep their wine chilled, and a bottle topper (which probably will never be used, because I don’t think wine is every left over once that bottle is opened!)

We all wanted to send a huge Thank You to the people over at Skinnygirl Cocktails who provided everything we needed to have an amazing, much-needed girls night in full of yummy food, drinks, and good times!

The Skinnygirl® Cocktails product, gift card, and information have been provided by Skinnygirl® Cocktails.

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  1. Your exotic glasses are so much fun for these cocktails. I love how the line has expanded so much!

  2. I rarely drink alcohol (rarely means practically never), but those cupcakes look divine. 🙂

  3. That looks like fun – wish I could have gone!

  4. Love those glasses!

  5. It looks like you had a fun time.

  6. I’ve wanted to try these!

  7. I LOVE those glasses!

  8. I don’t know which looks better, then cocktails or the cupcakes!

  9. What a great party! I need to try some Skinny Girl!

  10. sounds like fun

  11. Looks like a great evening and I love the sound of cucumber vodka!

  12. yum looks like delish cupcakes!