Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes Have a New Look and Feel!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know my attempt at cloth diapering, and even using cloth wipes. Well, this endeavor ended quickly with my second baby when I discovered her cloth diapers were leaving welts on her legs, even though they weren’t too tight. Since we weren’t cloth diapering, I decided to just ditch our initial plan altogether and use disposable diapers and wipes. There are a few brands of disposable diapers I love, but when it comes to wipes, I’m a but pickier.

seventh generation wipes-003

Depending on who you ask, people have different preferences when it comes to wipes. My friend prefers thin wipes, I prefer thick wipes. One is not better than the other – it’s purely preference! When I first tried out Seventh Generation Wipes a few years ago, I read great reviews on Amazon so I thought I would be happy. I wasn’t. They were too thin and didn’t come out of the bag easy. Instead of one wipe, about 10 would come out. I really wanted to like Seventh Generation Wipes because I loved other products from the brand and I knew their wipes didn’t contain the chemicals other wipes had, but I was left disappointed.

seventh generation wipes-002

Just recently, Seventh Generation launched a new version of their baby wipes: Seventh Generation Baby Free & Clear Wipes. Simply put, I LOVE THEM. Yes, I received samples to try out, but no, this does not MAKE me love them. I love them because they are thick, not drenched in solution, and come out of the package easy. They are also textured, which helps clean up a messy baby tush up in a cinch! I read a few reviews from people that stated they didn’t like them, but as I mentioned earlier – it really depends on preference. If you like thick and soft baby wipes that get the job done with one wipe as opposed to 2 or 3, then this may be a great baby wipe for you. And if you check out Amazon you can even save $4 or $6 on a case of these wipes, depending on which quantity you choose. There is a coupon option on the page when you are ordering. I’m not sure how long the coupon will last, but I ordered a case today!


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  1. We love these wipes.

  2. I use these wipes and they ROCK!

  3. Oooh we have to try these out!

  4. wow we have to check out the new feel!

  5. Will have to check these out, I still use a ton of wipes even though my boys are older. They are great at cleaning messes on the go.

  6. I am really, really, really picky about wipes too! 😉

  7. I have tried some of the Seventh Generation cleaning products. Good to know they have wipes.

  8. I used cloth diapers and wipes with both my girls until we had to move into an apartment. Then, we stopped CDing because we didn’t have a washer and dryer in-unit and we had no place to hang dry anything.

  9. Those look like great wipes.

  10. This reminds me I need to find smaller flushable wipes for my daughter. She struggles with ripping the paper off the roll.

  11. I didn’t even know that 7th generation made wipes! I will look for them!

  12. I love this brand!

  13. Love that they now have wipes.

  14. I’ve never tried this brand before.

  15. I love 7th Generation.

  16. I’ve been eying their products. I’m going to break down and order this week.

  17. love free and clear products

  18. I have these wipes and they’re pretty good!

  19. I have always been more than satisfied with Seventh Generation products. It’s great to see them expand and upgrade.

  20. I don’t have infants at home, but we use quite a few 7th Generations products. I used their diapers and wipes when my boys were little, though.


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