Putting Up a Safety Gate Around Our Pool


In November we moved into a beautiful house on Long Island. When we were looking at homes we noticed that most of the properties in the area had in-ground pools. This wasn’t a requirement for us, but more of a bonus. Our primary concern, however, with an in-ground pool was safety. Both of our boys, ages 3 and 4, have been taking swimming lessons for almost two years. My older son is a great swimmer, but the younger is still struggling with some of the simplest lessons he’s learning. He’s so scared of jumping into the pool that when he climbs out of the water, instead of turning around to jump in he just starts walking away from the instructor! We also have a toddler who hasn’t even been introduced to the water yet. Now that the weather is improving my husband and I have been discussing installing a fence around the pool. We made a few calls and set up an appointment with Steve Berger from PoolFence Pro. We knew we wanted a removable mesh fence, and Steve came highly recommended from a friend. We were truly impressed with his presentation and product.


Now, we don’t really know anything about pools. Steve was able to take a look at our pool and let us know what upgrades had been done and how they did them. He also supplied us with a few ideas on how to finish some of the work that we need to do around the pool and what he felt would be safest for our children. Then he showed us the Pool Fence Features and explained why they are a superior product as far as durability and safety, including the Safety Latches, Mesh, the Border on the Mesh, Gates, Poles, and Deck Inserts. PoolFence Pro is designed specifically to provide a barrier around pools to help prevent child and pet access. It is installed in sections connected at the top by a child proof latch. He also explained that we would most likely want a gate by the steps to the shallow end of the pool for the kids to enter. And in addition, we can have an opening near our deck so that if we are sitting by the pool and one of the children need us we can get access immediately without having to run around the entire pool to the gate. The PoolFence Pro booklet I received from Steve, which outlines exactly what we’ve ordered, also includes additional tips and products related to pool safety.


I’m expecting a call from Steve to schedule the installation. I’m looking forward to a fun summer with my kiddies knowing that I’m doing everything I can to ensure their safety. You can find out more about more by visiting PoolFence Pro.

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  1. That is a great idea!

  2. So important & the sooner done the better

  3. This is such an important thing to do. Even if you think you don’t need it because you watch your children, it only takes a minute.

  4. This is definitely a must!

  5. You can’t be too safe with pools!

  6. Great idea! Pools stress me out, but they wouldn’t with the fence around.

  7. This is so extremely important.

  8. It’s very important to put a fence around your pool.

  9. We need one of these.

  10. Oh my gosh, our house has an in-ground pool and we’re working on getting it fenced asap.

  11. If I ever get a house with a pool, I will have a safety gate for sure

  12. If we had a pool, we’d definitely look to get a gate installed.

  13. We could definitely use one of these!

  14. Nothing spoils summer fun that an accident with/near the pool. I hope the installations goes smoothly for you!

  15. When we were house hunting we thought about a place with a pool, but we had a 1 year old & were just too nervous. Hopefully when the kiddos are older we can get one!

  16. We are actually required to have a fence around our pool in our county, even if we don’t have kids – so that if someone else comes into our yard without or permission, there is less risk of drowning.

  17. Howie says:

    Love this post Sandra. We chartered the California Chapter of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. Accidental drowning is the leading cause of death for children and almost always preventable. Thank you for doing the right thing and sharing.