Baby’s Got New Shoes!

My 12 month old is on the go! She has been walking for a month now and needs supportive shoes to cushion her every step.  There are only a few companies that I trust on my baby’s feet, and pediped is one of them. My oldest daughter started off her school year with pediped Flex sneakers and now my youngest will be starting her summer with pediped Grip n Go.

pediped Grip ‘n’ Go sneakers feature G2 technology for newer walkers who may still be unbalanced, which is perfect for my little one. They are available in sizes for children ages 9 month to 3 years old. Although she has been walking for over a month now, she is still not quite solid in her footing and tends to trip and fall. Being a new walker, coupled with my clumsy genes, this child is doomed! The latest collection of pediped Gip ‘n’ Go also has Memory Foam Technology

pediped grip n go-001

product provided for review

We received the pediped Grip ‘n’ Go Dakota in Chiffon. The colors are much more vibrant in person than they are on the website, and my daughters both loved the sparkling features of the shoe (they are SO my girls!) My toddler loved her little sister’s shoes so much, I purchased her the same style which happens to come in a Flex. My 12 month old can’t tell me if they are comfortable or not, but she keeps her shoes on and doesn’t try to take them off. She also walks as confidently as a new walker can walk in her pediped Dakota shoes. My toddler, on the other hand, tells me all the time that she doesn’t want to take her shoes off because she is comfortable – and THAT’S what makes me able to recommend the pediped brand of shoes for children.

pediped grip n go

For more information and to see all the styles available, check out pediped. To connect with pediped through their online community, be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter. If you like pediped make sure to check out Brian James Footwear, the new women’s footwear line from Angela Edgeworth the founder of pediped.


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  1. Those are cute1

  2. They are so cute, I love the color.

  3. those are adorable.

  4. too cute! I want a pair!

  5. My son has a pair of shoes by them and they are awesome.

  6. They’re so cute! We love pediped!

  7. Love the glitter.

  8. Pediped has super cute shoes.

  9. Do they come in my size? So cute!

  10. I have always loved Pedipeds for my toddlers!

  11. Whoa, that really says something when a kid want to keep their shoes on! Sounds perfect for new walkers!

  12. My girls have a pair of Pediped boots and they always fight over them!

  13. So cute! Love Pedipeds!

  14. Those are SO cute!

  15. Those are so cute!

  16. These sound great! My niece is just now begning to crawl so it wont be long before she’ll need some!

  17. My two youngest had Pediped shoes as their first shoes when learning to walk. I love them.

  18. Those are pretty. 🙂

  19. Those are so cute! Love the sparkles.

  20. Adorable. I love the Pediped brand.

  21. Love them! So sparkly!

  22. I love the pink glitter!

  23. Love the sparkles!

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