Meet Lucy from Lilliputiens @HABA_USA

lilliputiens lucy-001

Meet Lucy! She was provided to my family for review purposes. All opinions are our own!

A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter received a HABA baby doll to review, which surprisingly turned out to be my 1 year old’s favorite toy. She walks around with it, tries to lull it to sleep, and even tries to burp it. I didn’t want to end this newfound relationship between my youngest daughter and her baby, but she wanted to bring it with her when napping and I felt the doll was too hard to snuggle with. Especially for my baby who tosses and turns, and may get hurt with the plastic doll. So, I was on the search for a similar doll, but a plush version.

lilliputiens lucy

love at first sight!

When HABA asked me to review another one of their items from their soft toys category, I was happy to see they had a baby doll. Lucy from the Lilliputiens line was perfect for my littlest girl. She came with a cradle, a toy, and a bottle, so my little one can play mommy and have all the necessary accessories. When Lucy arrived, she was well-packaged in a protective case. Coincidentally, Lucy arrived on my baby’s first birthday, and I had my preschooler give it to her as a gift. I thought this would keep  them from fighting over Lucy – and it worked! When I introduced my little one to Lucy, her reaction was priceless. Her eyes lit up and she quickly cradled her Lucy and put the bottle in her mouth. This was when we discovered that Lucy’s mouth and bottle have a magnet and they stick together! This is great for those little uncoordinated hands that may not quite understand how to bring things together.

lilliputiens lucy-002

lilliputiens lucy-003

Lucy’s sleeping bag

Lucy also came with a toy, and I often see my 12 month puzzled by why Lucy can’t pick it up, and a soft bassinet where Lucy rests after a long day of playing. She doesn’t spend much time in there, though – my little girl screams when you try to pull Lucy away from her! Although she can’t speak yet, I think she approves of her new baby and loves having her near.

lilliputiens lucy-004

Lucy can be undressed and changed


Lucy may not be interactive, electronically speaking, but she sparks imagination and fosters creativity and role play. She is recommended for ages 0-12 months, but I feel that even older children can enjoy playing with Lucy, as I watch my oldest daughter (3 1/2) playing mommy with her. She loves that her clothes are removable and she can pretend to bathe and change baby Lucy.

You can find out more about the Lilliputiens product line, as well as other age-appropriate toys by visiting HABA USA, and connecting with them on  their social media networks:


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  1. Sweet T only likes dolls that are kind of like stuffed animals so she’d really like Lucy.

  2. That’s cute that she’s confused about her doll holding her toy. 🙂 The little bassinet is adorable with it too.

  3. How neat. I like that you can put her in a little carrier.

  4. This is so adorable! We have the 3 little pig set!