Stave off Summer Boredom with Polly Pocket!

polly pocket

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Since the weather has gotten much nicer (remember the long, drawn out winter we had?) I have been out and about with my daughters as much as possible. There are days like today, though, that we stay in due to bad weather. On days like this, we need a backup plan!

polly pocket-001

Polly Pocket has change a lot since I was a kid. No longer can you fit Polly Pocket playsets in your pocket and go, but instead you can set up a zipline adventure or a fun wall-playhouse for Polly and her friends! I love that my almost-4 year old’s imagination can run wild with endless fun and creative play. My daughter especially loves the Polly Pocket Zipline Adventure Pool. We fill it up with a little water, and the novelty keeps her busy while I get some housework done.

polly pocket-002 We are very happy with the Polly Pocket sets, and recommend them to stave off summer boredom. You can find out more about the sets offered and even purchasing information by visiting Polly Pocket.


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  1. Love these. Polly pocket isn’t quite as small as she use to be, is she? but definitely cute

  2. My daughter would love these, but I would have to play with her..:)

  3. This definitely looks like a great play set for those hot summer days!

  4. We had fun playing with our Polly Pocket set my daughter has several of them and can create a fun play set.

  5. My daughter loved Polly Pockets when she was younger, she would take those little dolls everywhere!

  6. Looks like a great way for little girls to beat summertime boredom!

  7. I remember Polly Pocket being around when I was a kid. It’s great to see she’s back and brighter than ever!

  8. Sweet T is really enjoying her set.

  9. This looks so fun! Totally adorable!

  10. I love that she has a zipline, how fun!

  11. How cute!

  12. My kids love Polly Pocket and I used to love here when I was a kid too!

  13. I grew up with Polly Pockets so I love playing with these!

  14. I too grew up with Polly Pocket, love that it’s making a come back!

  15. My little sisters were OBSESSED with these when they were little — I can’t believe they are still around!

  16. Am I too old to want to play with these?